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Industrial Bulk

Jayagas provides Petronas LP Gas that comes in various sizes to meet local requirements. These include the 12 kg and 14 kg domestic cylinders, 50 kg industrial cylinder, and industrial bulk tanks (from 200 kg to 10 metric ton). We market and distribute to thousands of households and food establishments throughout both Peninsular and East Malaysia. Today, we are one of the leading suppliers of Petronas LPG bulk and cylinder for industrial use.


Bulk LPG supply is for high volume users of LPG such as industrial, agricultural & commercial applications will require bulk gas supply storage solutions. We supply larger storage vessels and deliveries are made using tankers that refill your tank on site. 

Clientele Portfolios:
Thanks to the solid go-to-market strategies in place in every state, Jayagas has a diversified portfolio of clients that each is treated uniquely and our distribution service is tailored to its needs and consumption while ensuring the client never runs out of gas. Our portfolio is composed of 3 main sectors or channels: 

  • Residential Compounds

  • Hospitality Sector

  • Industries and Factories

We understand that your business requires a reliable LPG energy supplier in order to operate the many applications that keeps your business operating and the customers you serve happy. We pride ourselves in providing a cleaner-burning fuel*, and through our expertise and advanced technology, continually strive to deliver better, safer and more reliable ways to meet your LPG energy needs. Safety is of paramount importance in all our operations. Jayagas installs tanks and supplies its products in full compliance with local health & safety regulations. Also, committed to providing customers with the best service, you can rest assured that our stand-by team will do everything possible to assist you.

Why is this your solution?

  • Reliable delivery – Having invested in one of the largest distribution fleet in the Malaysia is uniquely able to deliver to all corners of Malaysia via Petronas Mesralink system.

  • Experience and expertise – With over 20+ years of gas storage and supply experience. Our expertise and range of supply and storage options is unrivalled in the industry. So you can trust us to fulfil almost any gas-supply requirement.


  • Dedicated customer engineering team – Our highly experienced in-house customer engineering team offers unrivalled technical design capabilities, free consultancy and full project management of your LPG supply installation. We stock and supply a wide range of tank sizes allowing us the flexibility to specify single or multiple tank combinations to suit almost any application and site – assuming there is sufficient space for fuel storage in the first place

  • Ongoing support – Our specialists will always be on-hand to support you when needed. They will ensure gas tanks and associated equipment is maintained and service levels remain high – for your peace of mind.

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