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Why is License so Important?

About 2,000 self-service laundrettes in peninsular Malaysia and Sabah do not have approvals as well as individual gas licences issued by the Energy Commission, and are therefore at risk of explosions.

The Gas Supply Act 1993 and Gas Supply Regulations 1997 require premises using gas supply, particularly liquid petroleum, to secure the approvals and licences from the commission before commencing operations to ensure that their gas piping systems are installed in accordance with standards set by the commission - offenders can be fined a maximum of RM100,000 or jailed or both.

In the interest of public safety and for the benefit of self-service outlets and local enforcement authorities, the commission is in the process of publishing guidelines on the installation of piped gas supply but in the near future, it will make it mandatory for all outlets to display their approvals and licences, and it will also be conducting raids, said the commission's deputy director (gas equipment and installation) Shamsuddin Arshad.

For any application of license for ATI (Approval To Install) and ATO (Approval To Operate), can contact us at or call us at 03-92851708.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

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