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Why Use LPG?

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

1. Efficient

LPG is an energy-rich fuel source with a higher calorific value per unit than other commonly used fuels, including coal, natural gas, diesel, petrol, fuel oils and biomass-derived alcohols. This means that an LPG flame burns hotter, an advantage that can translate into higher efficiency.

2. Portable

LPG is a fuel that is available in even the remotest of areas, improving the lives of millions of citizens worldwide and providing a further impetus to regional development. There is nothing exotic to invent or improve. The transportation system that moves it is in place, the tanks to store it are available, the appliances and equipment that provide heat and power are “on the shelf”.

3. Clean

LPG is a clean burning fuel that is low carbon, emits virtually no black carbon and does not spills. Its use improves air quality, reducers the emission of GHGs and protects the environment. Black carbon is emitted from incomplete combustion in diesel engines, industrial smokestacks, residential cooking fires and heating stoves among other things. LPG emits virtually no particulates and switching to LPG can thus have an immediate impact on Global Warming.

4. Versatile

LPG has more than 1,000 applications: it is used in transportation, in commercial business, industry, farming, domestic heating and cooking, and for recreational purposes. The domestic sector is one of the most popular applications for LPG with almost 47% of the global demand for LPG coming from residential cooking and heating demands. Millions of businesses, from large industries to restaurants to hotels, independent small professionals and contractors, rely on LPG as an energy source for numerous applications. It is the ideal fuel choice for businesses that are off the grid, not connected to the mains gas.

5. Accessible

LPG can be accessible to everyone everywhere today without major infrastructure investment. Nothing needs to be invented and there are enough reserves to last many decades. LPG is extremely versatile and portable. It can be transported using sea, rail or road transport. LPG is available in a wide variety of packaging and storage options ranging from refillable cylinders to underground tanks.

Source : WLPGA

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